Here and Away (essays), 2012

In the summer of 1995, after years of being deeply but inexplicably drawn to northeast Maine from her native Midwest, Deborah Cummins traveled to Deer Isle, an island in eastern Penobscot Bay. In this gathering of personal essays and lyrical meditations that span several years during which this summer visitor becomes a cottage renter and finally a homeowner, Cummins invites readers to join in her journey of discovery and deepening connection, an eloquent exploration of the meaning of home and the difference between being from someplace and of a place.

Newly but firmly planted in an island landscape of granite ledges, spruce forests, ever-changing tidal shorelines, pocked mudflats, miniscule islets, and a beloved garden -- among fellow inhabitants that include lobstermen, artists, deft arborists, and a laconic plumber, as well as ospreys, crows, a fox family, and an old dog -- Cummins also unearths memories of her childhood and Midwestern roots, artfully weaving present and past. Confronted by unexpected loss, she is increasingly sustained by the knowledge that his small island has become her "belonging-place."

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Counting the Waves (poetry), Word Press, 2006

“‘Go count the waves,’/a mother solemnly intones, and somewhere,/beneath a high, hot sun, a child might obey,/discovering, as he loses count, the waves’/myriad glittery eyes.” So, too, the world in Deborah Cummins’ Counting the Waves becomes dazzlingly, startlingly renewed and transformed through her close scrutiny; these carefully wrought poems, as sharply incised as cut diamonds, glitter with an incandescent light. [Available from Amazon]


 Beyond The Reach, (poetry), BkMk Press, 2002

“Deborah Cummins shows us how lovely—truly elegant—and frightening it is to experience the moments where the natural and human worlds intersect and inevitably and achingly part. Beyond the Reach is a remarkable first book, reaching far beyond most, because of the distilled clarity and beauty of its language and its intelligent and haunting, philosophical range.”  —Susan Hahn [Available from Amazon]



"Before It's Too Late"

Entering the Real World







Poets’ Guide to the Birds, Anhinga Press, 2009 [Amazon]






“The Bisbee Donkeys”

“Why Insist”


“Before It’s Too Late”


When She Named Fire: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry by American Women, Autumn House Press, 2008 [Amazon]